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safira Male 67 Gay Relationship
I live on a sailboat and will not move to shore, I like living on the sailboat. It is peaceful and relaxing. I would like to find someone that would live on the sailboat with me, I am into younger guys that are mature. I am a fairly easy going person and go with the flow of life, or I do not let the crap in life spoil my day. I am a very relaxed type person. One of my favorite quotes is ' Who is up for a adventure?' Ideally I would like to find a younger person who is up to travel via sailboat, I like to just pull up the anchor and go where the winds and currents take the boat. At this time I have the boat out of the water or on the Hard as we say, I am hoping to get the boat back into the water by 3/2020. This could be a great opportunity for someone that needs a break in life or down on their luck. You will never know if it is for you unless you contact me.
Kingsland Georgia

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