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'Get those pants off... you're getting a whipping.'
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sampsonguy Male 60 Gay Relationship
49 Yr old white, masculine, stocky guy. 250, 5'8', goatee, brown hair, blue eyes, Non-smoker, healthy, honest, educated, professional, country guy. I'm an educated guy, but won't embarrass you at a Bach concert or a tractor pull. My home and my heart are large enough to share with another guy. I can't afford to keep him up, but will share what I have with him. *If you are currently in a relationship or married, keep in mind that I'm looking for friendship and hopefully a relationship. I don't want to share you with another guy- just so you'll know.. *I'm masculine and I want that in another guy, too. Enjoy hiking, walking, old cars, salvage yards, eBay, music, old movies, dogs, yard work, and more. Sexually-speaking, I'm versatile and interested in vanilla sex and pure kink. Personality-wise, I'm an INFP and sometimes INFJ, if you're into Myers-Briggs. I'm looking for my other half. Somebody to share my life with. A healthy, masculine guy aged 20-49 is preferred.
Salemburg North Carolina

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