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Adorable,charming,Sexy asian for you!!!
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sexyboi4dad Male 37 Gay
Call me davey in short(it sounded like a baby and it makes me feel younger in a way).I am not into age specifications as long as the right chemistry is there then thats it.I prefer quality over quantity.Lastly but definitely not a requirement but a plus if he is a good looking guy well packaged with good heart,mind,body and soul.that would be perfect.I am asian by race,filipino by nationality,gay by sexuality,friendly by personality,catholic by religion,single by status and definitely seeking real love and if not, the idea of having a good friend in you(whoever you are) is just fine enough and very widely open and welcome.I am up for laugh,nice company , good conversationalist, someone that has a sense of humor and knows how to carry a conversation well. I am not a premium member here.
davao city Philippines

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