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sg1rx8 Male 49 Gay Relationship
Not sure if this is the 'right' site to look for love. I seriously doubt it is, but who knows?<br> <br> Call me old fashioned, but i'm a die-hard romantic. I'd love to meet someone who is more interested in getting to know each other, getting to know what's in his mind and heart, and him getting to know whats in my mind and heart, rather than what's in each other's pants. Don't get me wrong, attraction is important, but it's more what draws one in rather than what keeps it going. As we sift through the layers of someone, we get to know each other on a intellectual level, then onto (somewhat) of a spiritual level, then onto a physical level, and along with all the other levels, onto an emotional level. What's difficult is letting someone inside the gates after the initial physical attraction check. Some go straight for just physical, which is fine for some, its just not my thing. I want something substantial.<br> <br> I don't know what will draw me to you: it might be your lust for life, your perpetual energy, your infectious laugh, your sweet brown eyes, or some lame tv show lol. Ideally I'm more attracted to hispanic and asian guys, but i'm open to all races. You don't have to have a great car or be super successful (although please be able to support yourself), just have some dreams/ambitions and be open-minded for the future.<br> <br> As for me, I'm in the arts industry, and some of my interests include art, architecture, music, movies, museums, electronics, travel when i'm able, web design, and coffee, lol... <br>
Crown Heights New York
Houston Texas

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