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shutterspeedo Male 79 Gay Smooth Boy
Mid-seventies here, but I often think I am still around 30 in terms of outlook and attitude. I still am in awe of the world and its surprises, and open to every possibility life has to offer. Along with being young at heart, I believe I am wise in experience and a good mentor to young people. Currently single, after losing my partner of 39 years, so I have a good understanding of what combinations and attitudes make relationships work. I live in a beautiful private contemporary house on a pond, with two cats and occasionally a student boarder. I socialize often with young music students from a near-by college, and some of the faulty there are close friends. I am smart, funny with a terrific sense of humor, kind, caring, trusting, loyal, compassionate, understanding and a good listener. Mostly an extrovert, but also require time to myself. I am not fornally religious, but believe I am an instinctive Buddhist. Classical music and photography are my passions, along with fine food, travel, gardening, art, conversation. I am CHIEFLY looking for a young man, around 25-40, someone who knows who he is and has clear goals and ambitions, but may not have had the luck or opportunity or resources to realize his dreams. Race or country of origin do not matter. I would offer support, advice and encourgement to such a young man in exchange for his fulfillment of some of my needs - NOT ALL - and for his caring for me as I grow older and less able to live by myslef. Someone who might genuinely come to know, love and understand me well, as I would like to know understand and love him. Sex is not a high priority for me, but warmth, physical contact, touching, cuddling, kissing, sleeping together would be wodnerful. Genuine friendship means more to me than sex at this point in my life. If you are far away, I would like to skype with you early in our meeting. I'm looking for itelligence nad sensitivity - formal education is not a guarantee of intelligence. If exploring a mutually rewarding partnership interests you, I hope you will contact me. Best of luck to all of you in finding what you seek. Perhaps it will be me. John
Statesboro Georgia

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