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singapore_guy Male 38 Gay Fuck Buddy
I believe i get enormous amount of pleasure to serve an real man. If your profile turns me on and I know I will be able to do anything as you wish.. You can spank me putting my ass up on your lap.. until it red. I can lick you from your shoe to everywhere- I would lick your shoe, feet, legs, thighs, balls, cock, asshole, stomach, nipples, neck armpits with my hands tied in back. You can piss on me .. on my mouth.. face.. chest.. cock... you can sit on my face and I can rim you for hours... you can spit in my mouth.. i love that and then play as you wish with my cock balls or nipples.. wax me if you like and order me what you want me to do. I like poppers too,,, make me do more for my master... only in safe activities though. let me know if you are interested. Also an Expert masseur

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