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Hi guys! Finally wrote a real
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sipbill Male 63 Gay Dating
Hi guys! Finally wrote a real profile. I am a single romantic, passionate, and caring, gentleman. I have many, interest from the arts to sports and all sorts of things in between. I have been fortunate to be able to travel extensively and explore many cultures. Active in many social causes and out as a gay man in both my professional, and personal life. Searching for, (but not desperately), that special guy who puts stars, in my eyes, and tingles in my feet. I am smooth and clean shaven with a swimmers build, who loves to live life. What I look for in a mate is sincerity and conviction to their values, compassion for others, and the sense that God gave them. I do prefer younger to slightly older men. The main thing is a true and honest character, to build a life together. Until then, if it is just a casual encounter that you want, that is ok to, if I’m going to be in your area.
Delray Beach Florida

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