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skip9525 Male 63 Gay Thin Otter Boy
I'm a friendly, quiet, masculine man looking for a younger guy needing love, companionship and may be even guidance or mentoring. Been told I'm quite a catch, but here I am still looking for someone 'just right' for me. The perfect age range is about 25 to 39, but consider all under 50. I like thin to average guys with some body hair like me. I put people at ease, so if you are new to this, I may be your man. I like to show affection & love to cuddle. And it's not all about sex. I've a wide range of interests, very conversational, drug & desease free & expect the same from my young man. I don't wear my sexuality on my sleve -- nor should you. Okay, so I'm a bit uncomfortable with the term 'daddy,' but it's not a deal breaker either. It fits more now that my hair is turning gray. My interests include antique autos, history, reading, archetecture & international travel. And it's nice to have common interests, but we each should be adult enough to have our own without the other party feeling 'left out' if he doesn't enjoy all the same activities. Ultimately, I want a LTR, but for now I need to expand my horizons by getting myself out there. This site tends to be a bit limiting for discriptions of what one is seeking, so let it be known, I've a pretty wide range of what I'd find date material. In other words, don't sell yourself short I may surprise you. Update: recently, I quit smoking cigarettes! I don't care if you smoke, just don't do so indoors in my company.
Oklahoma City Oklahoma

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