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Uber masculine guy wantin' a young masculine guy for fun and / or LTR
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skrudrvr Male 59 Gay Relationship
Just tried gay bars again-4 in one night. Felt out of place. I’m not trendy, not conservative, not religious and don’t want to be, not fem at all, not a fan of dance music at all, not a smoker or drug abuser, definitely not a pretty boy. Part of a scene but not a gay one, but also not mainstream. I’m fit and masculine with a hard edge but a soft side, like to drink but not a drunk, average looking-not appearing, down to earth, funny, out, open, uninhibited and honest. Love the outdoors. Have tattoos. Everybody online talks like they want to meet until it comes time to do it. Please don’t waste my time and attention. Be awesome.
Nashville Tennessee

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