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Jedi Ninja
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skydivebottom Male 36 Gay Bear Dad
I know this may sound silly, but I am just your average boy looking for something, a new friend, maybe a realationship, love or perhaps a wonderful man My hobbies, well I do like to just hang out, play video games, rock on my drums One more thing, life is great! lets talk sometime. Also seem to be attracted to redneck/cowboy types. Although a good leading personality is really awesome too. I love movies of all kinds, I have a huge collection, so if you like movies cool. I also love astrology, and just things like that in general. someone that wants to do things like take walks in parks and talk about whats going on in his life, or watch movies on a rainy, cold day together, or at night. Actually, ideally, would be to cuddle up close while watching a movie. (There are some nasty little beasts running around in the digital sea) The above comment will affect those that apply to it.
Tukwila Washington

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