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RELOCATABLE! CRUISE COMPANIONS! RELOCATABLE! CRUISE COMPANIONS! Masculine man who is considerate, honest, and a romantic. I enjoy chatting and getting to know people from all over the U.S. and abroad. My profile picture was taken in mid 2012. Though I am more than old enough, as you can see I have very little gray hair. So, I really can't be called a “Silver” Daddy. It happens to be a genetic thing for both sides my family. Although my preferences run towards lean to average (or muscular) masculine guys in their 30's or 40's, that doesn't mean that mature younger guys, or younger looking older guys should consider themselves unable to attract my attention. What is more important to me, is the character of a man. There are a couple of habits that I MIGHT consider an impediment to meeting face to face. Two are smoking & drugs. I am allergic to tobacco smoke. Social drinking is fine. I just am not interested in someone who can't pass by a liquor store or has to have a several drinks to get through the day. I have always said that I would travel anywhere to meet and have dinner with someone who I thought may have the potential of becoming a good friend, a travel companion, or someone interested in a relationship. My offer to travel shouldn’t be considered a cover or lead-on for a hookup. I don’t need to spend my money for that. I do see traveling as an investment. It is getting to know guys who I feel genuinely interested in (at whatever level), and who I think might eventually have a similar interest in me. I am not looking to be anyone's sugar daddy. I am not a financially wealthy man just financially secure. I do have enough money to have a comfortable retirement. I am wealthy in the amount of commitment and/or love that I have to give to the friends and/or that someone special. I have recently retired, which is why I am free to move most anywhere. Though I much prefer a tropical climate, wherever I find the right guy is where I am willing to move. Would love a LTR, but will take fun in the mean time. I hope to hear from some of you who read my profile and are truly interested. No matter where you live. Online friendships from anywhere in the world, are just as welcome as something more local and committed. If I contact you and you are not interested, please just reply 'no thanks.' I am an adult and can handle it. It is just the civil thing to do. Thanks for taking the time to read my profile, and please take care. Gary
Monroe Louisiana

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