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a son for a white chubby dad
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son4ads1976 Male 44 Gay Relationship
Its not always easy (in this world) to find someone who accepts us as we are. The love you take is better than the love you give - Everyone is looking for a true lover but never tries to be a true lover himself. So do not wait for the special person to come, 'cos mirecals are stopped or can happen very rarelly, so better swallow your pride and try your luck by saying hello to the one you like, rather than waiting for him to contact you. I am looking for a white dad with some extra weight (or chubby). I am young (34 years), tall, slim, big black/ brown eyes, short black hair, cut and very clean. I want to dedicate myself to my dad and want his true and sincere love and friendship. Sex is good but its beautiful with love. I want to meet many daddies unless am taken but once taken, will only be with and for my King. I am ready to relocate for my King and can get settle (live) with him anywhere in this world. Turks and Germans - My Weakness, English/ British and Americans - The Best, Europens - The Hottest, Assuies - The Kindest, Russians - Attractive, Arabs - The Sexiest, Asians - Sincere BUT ALL WHITE AND CHUBBY/ EXTRA WEIGHT I want to write so much here but will make you bore, so if am your type, please do contact me. You can always find me online. If you are still unable to locate my eeemale just look at my profile picture, its there. Ask for my face picture, and I will send you, or can show you myself on my web cam. Hope you understand. I would request if you could contact me instead of replying here and then expecting for my reply. I request/ suggest everyone please do mention your email in your profile, the way I did so you can be contact easily. Please DO REPLY me. I wish you will put your email address in your profile too after noticing mine. Thanks for taking your time
Gresham Oregon

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