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If love is a crime, I'll do my time!
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soulofapoet Male 56 Gay Relationship
I feel like I am just now hitting my stride in life, and am looking for someone to run the race along side me. I am outgoing, loving, generous, adventurous and fun. I enjoy socializing, people watching and have a wide variety of interests. I just do not prefer doing them solo. I feel like it's not the specific activity, but the company that makes for a great time. I wear a woman's 'hat' in my life, and am striving to maintain a balance. I am a successful businessman in the mining industry. My work is challenging, rewarding and also allows me to follow my passion. I find fulfillment in giving to others. I'm looking for a Man that believes in something bigger than himself, and is generous with his time and talents. I am looking for a Man that enjoys trying new things, and has an adventurous spirit. I have a great sense of humor and quick to laugh! I am a man that loves romance, affection, intimacy, surprises and being pampered. Due to nature, circumstance and necessity..I'm pretty independent. I would love to find a partner that will not only lead us into an incredible future, but will also 'have my back.' Friendship is a great place to start. Kindly leave a contact email and I would write you.
Beverly Hills California

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