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Bare Ass Spanking in San Francisco
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spankersf Male 67 Gay Play partner - bottom
[Face pic in private gallery.] Very experienced spanker who has put many deserving guys over my knee in the course of my life. I give a no-nonsense, old- fashioned, bare-ass spanking. No-nonsense means that it is about the spanking. Old-fashioned means that the slaps are direct, to the point, meant to sting, and with a message. Bare-ass ... you know what that means, but you should be clear that I start bare ass. I do discipline spanking, straight-up spanking, and formal spanking: discipline = bad boy getting his licks with full or light role play; straight-up = no role play, just one dude making another dude's ass sting; formal: stern, cool, controlled. Light to heavy ... I'm not out to prove anything, just to make sure you take all that you got coming. I also enjoy the belt, strap, hairbrush, paddle, cane, and whip. Bondage is of the rough and ready type ... love rope, and securing a guy so I can make him hurt methodically, at my pace. Also expert in cbt ... ball squeezing and ball spanking. I expect that a spanking will hurt, but I am not into damage or drama. Prefer to make an appointment with a few days notice so you have something to think about ... but I am typically available weekend afternoons and evenings, occasionally weekdays anytime with ample notice. Love to play, but timing has to be right.
San Francisco California

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