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curious bondage, bound masterbation, edging
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speedos24_7 Male 58 Bisexual
FIRST; I am only interested in IN SHAPE WHITE GUYS YOUNGER THAN 40. I can NEVER host but I will travel anywhere in Okaloosa, Walton & Santa Rosa counties or split the cost of a motel room with you. I am REAL & SERIOUS about this, dont jerk me around....unless its in a good way ;-) I'm DO NOT bottom at all, there will be no anal penetration on me. My picture is in this ad I expect a shirtless pic of you soon. The bound masterbation/edging videos get me so HOT!! I'd like to try this but you really need trust to let someone tie you up. Until then maybe we could try 'fake' bondage ie bound loosely. Scenes I'm curious about are one of us is bound fully clothed then played with until hard. Then undresssed by cutting the clothes off. Then edging over & over. Or a rip strip wrestling scene, we dress in old throw away clothes then wrestle trying to get the other naked. Or frottage or oil wrestling or massage (swap?). If any of this is interesting to you, LETS DO THIS!!
Crestview Florida

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