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Looking for LTR that includes spankings
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spnkrjohn Male 58 Gay Relationship
I'm looking for someone to share my life with. I love sex but realize there's more than that to a relationship. I don't want a gym rat, but do want someone who cares enough about himself to try to take care of his body. Body's change over the years, and in some cases, because of life, you don't always look the way you want to. My body is changing through diet and exercise and determination. I am now at 2oolbs and looking quite decent. I do not have a six pack abdomen, and at my age, I may never have one (damn), but I'm trying. The world is a lonely place without someone to share it with. Sex is nice, but not everything in a relationship. I want a partner in life. I like the dad/son thing. I like spankings and would like to have a partner who enjoys that as well. I want someone who is honest. I do not want someone who wants a sugar daddy, you'll have to be responsible for your own education. I don't want a houseboy or someone to clean the house. I want someone who can complete me.
Simi Valley California

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