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I'm new to the gay dad thing....please bear with me. Long post, so if you don't like to read long posts....look at another profile and don't complain. I'm being specific, so if you object to something below, again....look at someone elses profile. Looking for a boy toy for playing with sexually. Not looking for a relationship. You must be able to tick all the items in the list below....not looking to negotiate some and not others. - must be in Sydney north or north west. I'm in Sydneys north and don't want to travel over the bridge. - must be between 25-35. Younger is OK, but you should be emotionally mature and know what you want. - must not be looking for a sugar daddy, I wish I could afford to be one, but I'm not. - must have your own place available for sex sessions, my place is not available - be smooth shaven or naturally smooth in the face, no staches, beards or stubble - be smoothish in the chest. A bit of hair and snail trail is OK. A 70's porn star look is not - be totally smooth or very trimmed in the pubes and ass. If you are not, then don't go on a shaving spree....leave it for me to do to you on our first date. - be willing to be directed sexually. This is not a request for a slaveboy or sub boy. I want someone who if I tell to get naked and bend over and spread-em will be happy and enthusiastic to do so. - safe sex with condoms only up your ass. - be nearly 100% a bottom. Only if I'm in the mood will I want you to fuck me, this won't be often. - be clean and hygenic on the outside and on the inside. My tongue will spend a lot of time on your cock, between your ass cheeks and down your it's in both our interests if you are clean. - be willing to try some soft core sex games. For example I really want to go through the positions in the gay-kamasutra and work on them with you getting them right and comfortable. - enjoy the taste of cum, mine and yours. - dark skinned or tanned skin is a bonus, but pasty boys OK - fem boys or light CD OK. I will need time to work up to TS or TV boys, not right now please. - short or tall OK - skinny or toned are great, but feel free to respond if you are a little soft around the edges. - be willing to be photographed or videoed, I want souvenirs to take home . If you want to be anonymous body parts in pic/vids that I am servicing that's OK. You can delete any pics from my camera you think are too identifiable - please prepare the following pics for me to check out. You can be anonymous for the first round of negotiations. figure out how to use your self timer: a) ass spread showing clearly your hole. I want to see what I will be playing/licking with. b) front pic of your bod c) back pic of your bod d) closeup pic or your hard cock, cum optional e) (this is a bit weird) pic of at least three of your favorite shorts layed out (you not in them) on your bed or similiar. Loose and short in the leg like running shorts are best for me f) pic of at least three of your fav tank tops or singlets. Again loose and baggy are best g) pic of any sex toys you may have
Sydney Australia

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