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stabilityneeded80 Male 40 Gay Relationship
hi, i came here primiarly to find a immediate relationship. I know normally most people move slowly.. however i am in a bind and my time at my current residence was only for a month. I am hoping we will be a match? however if not i am willing to be a houseboy/companion/friend if nothing was to spark between us. I work as a caregiver for the elderly..I am so beyond tired of moving around so much.. while i love what i do for a living having to move around everytime a job is up is insane... i want a friend too im sick of being alone not having someone i can count on to talk to me.. just sit and talk. And if i need a hug hug me or hold me.. im not looking for money contrary to what most boys what on this site and lot of other sites i want stability, companionship and loyalty. I am unable to drive at the moment so if your interested in swooping me up right quick i dont drive :( not a dui just never leaned due to fear issues. I also a wonderful friend.... crate/house trained and she wont be a problem at all. anyway, if your interested contact me asap. i have till june 1 to find a stable place.
San Diego California

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