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I consider myself to be honest,
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sweetcast Male 39 Gay Relationship
I consider myself to be honest, upfront, easy going, good manners, witty, serious and stubborn at times, and funny. I like the romance of dating and getting to know each other. I enjoy sweeping my man off his feet and make him feel special. I still believe in the romantic ideal of love and that romance and love are still possible. I realize that a strong base of friendship is the building block for a lasting relationship. I value respect, kindness, politeness and consideration of others. I respect a person for who they are...not for economic stature, not for material things, not for their profession... but just for who they are. I`m a simple person, enjoy simple things in life, enjoy the usual things as shopping, movies, going out to dinner, making a special dinner for occasions and friends, and enjoying life. I`m basically a homebody type of person. I love animals and i have 2 dogs. They are my best friend and companions. I`m at a age where I am very comfortable with myself. I feel that my life is getting better as I`m getting older. Age is just a number. It`s how you think and feel that matters the most
Bristol Tennessee

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