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Hi there! My name is Taylor,
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tay030 Male 27 Gay Muscle Dad
Hi there! My name is Taylor, I'm staying in North Carolina for the time being, and in essence I'm a fuzzy hairy musclebear lover. I myself don't fit the description of a bear much. I'm 18, going to college, and have a passion for foreign language. People say I'm a bit mysterious, but I guess it's just cause I don't open up well to strangers. So get to know me! ;) I'll list out my 'stats' for ease of access: -18 - Living in North Carolina -5'10' -Slightly chubby, around 180-190lbs. -Dark blonde hair, buzzed -Not much facial/chest hair. Arm hair, leg hair, trail, pits, and pubes though. -Intelligent per se -Love love love love love older muscle bears
Wilson North Carolina

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