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tb72 Male 63 Gay Friends
I'm here to meet and enjoy friendships with some younger guys. Quick, one-time encounters don't appeal. I like to take my time to get to know someone, hopefully having a good time while doing so. Love to host and make a guy feel really welcome & comfortable -- unless we're doing S&M, then it better be 'uncomfortable'. I love to explore another guy's kinks and hear about his turn ons and fetishes. Also love it when he's willing to try on mine. For starters, I'm seriously turned on by a lean guy in skintight gear. Visually, the sleek, ultra-defined, molded-to-form look is hotter than nude, and so much more exotic. Love long hair on a guy. Also like bondage, giving or receiving (even better in tight gear), light S&M, role play (esp. with costumes), sock, foot, shoe play and more. Dad/son scenes or some kinds of dom/sub could be interesting too. I have lots of costume stuff, some bondage gear and an imaginative kinky mind. I like to get to know somebody while playing, so I like sessions that go on a long time. I should say, though, that this sex & fetish stuff is only a part-time interest for me (I do have a regular life and it takes up far more of my time than this). So even though my profile deals more with finding guys for fun, I'm also open for deeper, longer-term relationships too if the right guy(s) happen along. Hopefully I'll be finding some find multipurpose guys -- good for having fun and growing deeper -- I know I'm capable of and would like both.
San Diego California

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