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Lonely, horny Catholic Priest seeks young, discreet boy as lover
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the_holy_father Male 55 Gay Relationship
Hello boys!! I am a nice, caring, some say handsome, Roman Catholic Priest who can no longer accept my vow of celibacy and therefore seeks a kind, good, decent and loving young lad to be my discreet and understanding boyfriend. Because of my situation and job, I cannot share a home with a young man and that might make a possible relationship difficult. I am tired of quick sex and 1 night stands. It would help if you understand my religious vocation, although it is not necessary for you to believe in God. If you are Catholic too, that would be sweet! I can hear your Confession:) I am very loving and have a high sex drive. I don't have much experience but I am an enthusiastic learner. I love wanking and sucking....please write soon.
London United Kingdom

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