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thegaydreamer Male 76 Gay Relationship
I have retired and live in the East Bay now. I am available any time for any young guy who likes to spend time with a dad or grandpa who wants to have fun and go places or do things together. I am looking for a son/grandson who likes to cuddle, watch TV and movies. Who likes to swim and go to the beach. Who likes to play computer or video games. Who is affectionate, loving, caring and romantic. Who has a good sense of humor. I seek a young guy 20 or older who is looking for a relationship and is REAL, caring, horny, affectionate and GAY, who likes to sleep together at night and have sex with. I seek a young guy who I can spend time with, go places with, do things with and have fun with. Some people consider me smart. I am shy at first especially if I want to know you but after I get to know you I warm up and become more outgoing. I would like to chat with someone on a regular basis. If you are looking for someone to talk to please contact me. I also seek a jack-off buddy and or a cuddle buddy if that's what you are in to. If you are lonely, shy, questioning or want to take things slow please write me or chat with me. If I could be what you are looking for please send me a message. One young guy called me a grandpa man. I don't feel like a grandpa but any young guy who wants a grandpa with benefits. I am available. Please include picture of yourself when contacting me.
San Jose California

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