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Bear pair in early 60's seeking
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thirdman Male 73 Gay Relationship
Bear pair in early 60's seeking third as son-type equal responsibility/equal benefit relationship. Taking our time with this as we are just about to celebrate 30 yrs. together; unacceptable are druggies, scammers, liars and thieves. Home bodies as few gay bars in this area. Most gay men here are couples with some 'tudes ! We are easy going and laid back, share sexual encounters and maintain control of being jealous if one finds and gets an afternoon delight ! Personality more important than looks and honesty more important than fried chicken. bitchy queens and feminine men not even on the list. just being honest but hypermasculinity isn't either. Oh, BTW, if you are atheist you are most likely so proud of it you talk about it all the time so you guys please don't bother either (had to say that from experience on these boards). Know this is a lot to take in and I don't expect an avalanche of wannabes but if you want a nice home with a gay, stable couple and don't carry a lot of baggage, anything is possible.
Glendale Arizona

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