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timidjockstrap Male 54 Gay Muscle Dad
I'm very shy & timid, so I like a man to be aggressive. Like to role play where I am a submissive jock boy and you are a strong dominating man who likes to order and muscle me around and make me stand at attention in my athletic supporter while you berate & demean me, this drive me nuts;>) Also play, the father VS son & coach VS athlete where I get to big for my jockstrap and have to get taught a lesson on who the REAL MAN is. Love being picked up slung over the shoulders and carried around like your prize while struggle to franticly escape but fail. Also love Intimidation & humiliation tactics, like being tied up with ropes, being wrapped up tightly in shrink wrap and being caught & trapped in nets and hung up in them while I struggle helplessly to escape. Very kinky but loads of fun. Like Sane & Safe play where nobody gets hurt. I don't have a place to meet so you should. If you can get into this, give me a shout.
Bonita Springs Florida

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