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tkdragon Male 37 Gay Bear Dad
Telling me your shoe size is definitely flirting. I'm TK, gay, disabled, discreet friendly, boy/cub type. Sexually I lean vers bottom. Connection wise I want friends to respect and be respectful. Attracted to Daddy types, bears, and cubs. Love men's feet and hands. I respect hard working men. Can be a bit shy. I enjoy video games, animals, TV, movies, D&D, and other nerd or boring things. I've been disabled for almost 5 years now (written July 2020) and it's permanent. I have brain damage, partially paralyzed, and yes I can be a little slow at catching onto things. It had an impact on some emotional things in my life too, not just being upset with the changes but the damage to the brain caused a few mood swings where i feel sad or disgusting sometimes. I do have a partner but sexually we aren't active together, that story will take trust but we agreed to be in an open relationship. No we don't play together and no I won't share his picture. His brother lives with us, he's straight so don't ask. Currently Playing: Final Fantasy XIV(Primal - Leviathan - Arr Rav/Pokemon Shield/Sims 4 (Taking Game Suggestions, preferably free and on PC) 90% Boy 89% Voyeur 74% Vanilla
Galax Virginia

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