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tokugawa Male 69 Gay Smooth Boy
I look forward to meeting new friends, buddies and workout partners I'm into working out at the gym, biceps, wrestling singlets, jockstraps, 'play' wrestling, wrestlers, gymnasts, leather clothing and bondage items, weight lifting, discipline, bodybuilders, military haircuts, college fraternity paddles, dominance/submission, giving and getting massages, muscles, leather gloves, frottage, erotic spankings, movies, music, computers, eBay, and a card game called, 'Magic, the Gathering.' My workouts have suffered since my diagnoses with diabetes and arthritis. I earned a Master's degree in computer science and before I retired I taught at the college level. I'm STD free and don't consume alcohol or do drugs, except for occasional 4:20. I'm only in the first pic, the other pics are some scenes I'm into.
Philadelphia Pennsylvania

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