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Drama-free zone for son
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toolz Male 72 Bisexual Relationship
I'm not looking for a life committment, I'm just looking for a date! I love hiking, caving, camping, motorcycles, bicycling and beer! I have raised an adopted son aged 24 who is str8 and still lives with me at home. In spite of my age, I am nowhere near retirement, as I have a business of my own hosting websites. I work long days and choose my own hours. I do not have a lot of money, so I'm not a good candidate for hustlers. I love cats, dogs, and horses. I don't mind driving a couple of hours to meet someone, but I will never pay for someone's relocation. Race is irrelevant to me, but you must be a non-smoker and not use drugs. I am not at all interested in things gay, so you won't find me in the bars.
Acworth Georgia
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