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unistudsupp Male 66 Bisexual Relationship
All young (18 to 23) Uni students who are maybe struggling a bit emotionally and financially and who are also GENUINELY and DEFINITELY into older successful guys – read on I’m Justin, financially at the top of the heap and I enjoy the company ( and more) of slim young ( again 18 to 23 ONLY please) students who in turn enjoy being with older experienced guys like me. I am just completing a relationship and the support of an overseas student from starting at Uni in Oz to obtaining his degree. I am contemplating repeating the exercise as it was fulfilling, pleasurable and worthwhile. I will only consider guys who are truly into older guys like me ( only about 5% or so of the gay and bi population from my experience) and who are slim and 18 to 23 – no exceptions – please understand. So, if this is you and you really would appreciate the support and guidance and maybe love without any suffocating demands ( the guy I’m looking for will not consider sex to be anything other than a mutual pleasure so please be warned and don’t waste your time or mine if you’re not in the 5% above) email me and tell me all about yourself. Justin
Sydney Australia

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