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I'd love to be your Daddy or even a Buddy could be fun
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urDaddy Male 86 Gay Dating
Interested in guys 30 to about 50-.I am into oral no surprise there at my age. I'm very good at it with this many years experience Id better be. Anal is OK but boy that takes a lot out of me...pun intended. I can touch my toes or insert my hose. Turn me on man or turn me over. OK I'm a real romantic and I'm into all that cuddle kiss and caress stuff as well. I prefer men who don't shave their privates. Why? I like men who are old enough to grow hair. It's the real reason I deep throat I love the smell of pubs with my nose snuggel deep and my tongue whiping out and licking the balls. Any way I really am looking for an LTR but not going to pass up some fun until I do. But once I do I'm very monogomus. You Must have a face picture posted, for a response. Or you could include one with your message. REPEAT FACE PICTURE I talk to faces I suck dick, not the other way around. Well I have been talking to ass holes for years but I'm sure it's not your better side or even you. FULL DISCLOSER: About 6 years ago I lost part of my right leg from about 6 inches below the knee. I like to say I hang six inches below the knee, but then I have to prove I have no difficulty in getting around. People don't know that I lost the leg until I wear shorts. Or of course if I take my pants off. They come off easy by the way, just ask and sometimes you don't even have to ask. So if half a leg is no fun for you thanks for dropping by my profile, and have a great life, I am! urBuddy Doug
Green Valley Arizona
Tucson Arizona

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