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Kind. cultured man seeks younger.
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violon340 Male 64 Gay Relationship
Hi Guys; My name's Martin, I'm 54yo, and I'm a gay, Dad (as in older)bear(as in chubbier) type, based in the S.E. UK. I can travel and accommodate here just north of London in commuterland, and I'm looking for a younger (18 plus, possibly top?) man for either a relationship or simply some fun. I'm sane, gentle, loving, intelligent, (except with these infernal machines and digital cameras) cultured, and genuine. You should be the same but younger, smoother and based in the UK - or at least planning to visit. Please, please guys, don't waste your valuable messages on me if you're 1000's of miles away. I'm genuinely looking for a lifetime partner here so if you really want to (and can) re-locate that's fine. I can also be as discreet as you wish me to be.(Don't forget to leave your email address with your message guys - thanks) xxx Martin.
London United Kingdom

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