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wiKKeD33 Male 19 Gay Bear Dad
Sensitive, timid, introverted, cautious. I need to feel safe. Even though I am extremely emotional, imaginative and romantic, I hide these traits behind an impenetrable mask. Devotion is a main thing for me. I like romantic walks at night in the park. i like to make others happy. I am a refined guy, an interesting mix of wit and sensitivity. One half of me is sensual and sentimental, the other half is ruled by rationality. I am a man of society, kind and courteous, with a deep sense of justice, of equity and 'fair play' activity. But above all, I am a romantic, my romance is that of champagne, waltz and moonlight. I like men a little mysterious. think that my qualities are intelligent, diplomatic, eloquent, versatile and spontaneous, I have tact, common sense and I consider myself clever, cheerful, enthusiastic. My defect is that sometimes I can be superficial, vague, cynical and hesitant, sometimes I make too many compromises for the person I love and I can be selfish sometimes if it's about people I care about. I hope to find some friend which i can to make a friendship☺️☺️
Targu-Mures Romania

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