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wildpony73 Male 48 Gay Silver Daddy
I am never very good at writing these profiles since it always seems hard to write about yourself without sounding like you are boasting. But here goes...I am a well- educated, mature, good looking guy with lots of life experiences that has made me well-rounded. I can hold my own in a conversation about most subjects and can move in almost any social circle. I am not easily put into a box. I like a lot of things that may seem contradictory. I can be happy sitting around the house all day in an old faded pair of jeans but also enjoy putting on a tuxedo for a night at the symphony. Quite nights at home are fun but so is going out dancing. I enjoy the theater and good dining (I have been told I am kind of a food snob but I can still chow down on a burger like the best of them). I also enjoy the outdoors, anything from camping, backpacking, to gardening. I enjoy keeping fit - gym 2-3 times a week and just staying active. While I enjoy a good looking older man as much as the next guy, it is more important that there is a good mind no matter what the package it comes in looks like. I have come to learn that strength in a man has less to to do with how much be can bench press and more to do with his character as a person. In my fantasy world, I am at home, cleaning house, running errands and doing whatever else it is that Daddy needs waiting for him to come home. He walks in the door, eyes sparkle seeing his boy there waiting for him. Dinner is on the table and I am there just waiting to welcome Daddy home. After dinner, then it is relax time for Daddy and then later, upstairs to bed for anything Daddy wants. He knows that his boy can be as mild or as wild as he wants. I have a few skills to keep it interesting. Afterwards, it time to fall asleep with Daddy spooning me and holding me close to him. I like to make sure that Daddy is happy and well-taken care of in everything but I have to admit that I am not above being selfish from time to time as well. A strong hand holding me behind my head while you kiss me and some reassurance can usually get me back on track. While something long-term would be nice eventually, something to enjoy for now is good too. There is so much to see and enjoy and I just want to find the right Daddy to see and do it all with.
Tacoma Washington

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