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Dad to dominate me
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wrestleman332 Male 26 Gay Muscle Dad
I am looking for a ripped muscle dad to wrestle with, throw me around, and make me submit. I want him to teach me how to be a jobber. I want to be smothered in his smelly armpit. Once he makes me to submit, I want him to shove my face in his smelly. sweaty crotch forcing me to smell what a real man smells like. After he forces me to worship and lick every inch of his rock hard body. From his popping delts, to his sail-like lats, his bowling ball biceps, washboard abs, granite quads, massive calves and down to his smelly, huge, strong feet. Once I have licked and worshiped every inch of my new dad, He will grab my hair and shove his huge, thick cock in my mouth and demands that I suck him off while I continue to worship his magnificantly hard body. Once he is about to unleash his juice, he pulls out and shoots his massive load all over my face. He takes his powerful hand, scoops up his man juice and rubs it in his old, sweaty, smelly, stained jockstrap and puts it on me, forcing me to wear it until next time ;)
Minneapolis Minnesota

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