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xbox_gamer Male 55 Gay Twink Boy
I am looking for a guy under 26 that wants a new start on life in Reno. Someone that wants to become part of a family and have someone who treats them special. I want to find someone that needs help either emotionally, financially or just wants to try something new. I am a 42 yr old white male 6 ft 200 brown hair and blue eyes. I have a 25 yr old live in boyfriend that i am in an open relationshop with. We have 3 cats and 2 dogs and live in a 2 story house. I love Christmas time and I want to find someone new to share it with. I love giving presents and making people happy. This is not just about sex. Sex is a small part of it but I want to find someone that is genuine and needs to be loved and cared for. I am not rich or even close to it but am willing to help someone in anyway I can. Now what I am looking for is this....Someone who likes being at home and wants a nice home life. Someone who likes movies/dvds , music , tv , and video games. I am all the game consules including 2 xbox360s both hooked up to 65 inch hd tvs . If you play games this is the place to be We have 3 computers on wireless internet plus 3 hd dvrs. I need someone who loves animals. I want someone who likes to held at night listening to music in bed. The guy I am looking for needs to be a top or at least a verstile top. This place is totally laidback and extremely casual. Turnoffs for me are facial hair and guys who shave their body hair. If you are interested or want to know more please let me know.
Tacoma Washington

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