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Younger man in search for an older soulmate....
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young671 Male 36 Gay Grandaddy
I dont know why ive always been attracted to older men. Idont know if its thier gentle & trustworthy eyes?? Or Their beautiful physique and greying characteristics?? Thier calming deep voice?? All i know is that older man spark wonders in my eyes and motivate my heart to beat faster..*Chuckles* I cant say for sure what it takes to be with men. Because in truth i havent been with any. Guam is too small to be entirely open about homosexuality; That and im a very shy person. My dream for the future?? .....Change that...I want to spread my wings and fly freely..without a care about what other people think of me. Im not sure how long this description is supposed to but im guessing im starting to borger the limits..So please just ask me and i will tell you as much as i can...:) I will be living in perhaps texas by the end of the year... as Im a college student pursuing my Bachelors degree....I cant say which school yet at the i am still exploring the possibilities...But most likely somewhere in the West coast....
barrigada Guam

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