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Turn this angel into a pure blood werewolf/hell hound
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yuemoon Male 39 Gay Muscle Dad
Turn this angel into a pure blood werewolf/hell hound Born in Rio Piedras Of Puerto Rico. Hair color is dark brown and my eyes are hazel. Now living in Bayamon, PR. I look like your average teenager. I'm well built. I go to the gym. I'm a man who, while loves inserting his man meat into his partner, likes to be dominated; have his man straddle him and do most of the actual riding is common. Other examples would be that they like to let the partner do what ever they want to him. I'm a submissive top looking to be dominated by a Power Bottom. Looking to be turn into a hell hound by force. Destroy the good in me and claim me for the forces of darkness. Watch as slowly I become the beast of your fantasy. Inject me steroids, growth hormones and wolf blood. Destroying this body so that your hell hound will come out to please you. Collar and train me if dare to the beast I'm meant to be. Mold my body to your pleasure: turn my teeth into fangs, etc. I like to read dark and mythological books and stories. Also Zodiac Knights is my favorite anime. Sailor Moon, Card Captors, X-men, Yu-Gi-Oh!, etc. My hobbies is that I studied the stars in a astrological way.
Eden New York
San Juan Puerto Rico

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