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Im a 39 year old athletic guy who loves the outdoors and sports. I was a high school gym teacher and loved to work with kids of all ages. Im pretty shy inside but out going in groups, with friends or once you get to know me. I like to eat healthy and keep fit and enjoy life. I would like more than ever to develop a friendship with an older man to enrich my life I believe my soulmate is out there. Young and Old are without question the ideal combination for male to male bonding and I find that my best times are those spent sharing guy stuff and sexual needs and desires and fantasys with an older man. I wish there were a way to cross pollinate our bodies by sharing our DNA and physical attributes so that I might share my youth in exchange for pure mature masculinity and be able to get a new perspective looking through your eyes and body. To swap bodies with an older man has always been my dream.
Phoenix Arizona

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