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eTotalHost eTotalHost Website Services
544 Paradise Lane
Waynesville, NC 28785
+1 678 904 0190
eTotalHost is a d.b.a. of Software Toolz, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia

There are just two of us who run this site. That's our photos on the Help/Info page. We started this site to facilitate connections between older and younger men interested in dating. There are many Internet dating sites with a similar theme, so we cannot claim to be unique in that sense. However, some of them are so sleazy, we couldn't even bear having our profiles on those sites (not to mention any names).

The first profile appeared on FindGayDad June, 2003, and the site was known as GayDadSon back then. We decided to change the name of the site in 2006 to give ourselves a smaller target amongst the more fundamentalist users of the Internet, but the theme has stayed the same: connections between adult men of different generations. We started a new site for connections between older men of the same generation: HotGrayMen.com. We have endeavored to build and maintain a more dignified image by not allowing any sexual photos to be seen by visitors to the site. We knew that the lack of sleaze would disinterest many visitors, but we also felt that there was a need for a site that presented intergenerational dating in a positive light. So, here we are!

We are strong believers in doing good, responsible and ethical business. We are passionate about our members' privacy, and we work to prevent scammers from taking adavantage of our members. Whenever one of our members gives us credible evidence of profiles posted with false information, or instances of solicitation or fraud, we are quick to move the instigator's profile to the Hall of Shame.

We also decided early on to require photos on every profile. We feel that this both discouraged lurkers and required a certain fundamental sense of commitment to the site. We also set a Supporting Membership subscription rate to be very low compared to similar dating sites. We decided not to require face photos, even though the majority our membership was in favor of that (see the poll page).

Some of our members have suggested we make the site free. The site is not run as a hobby, nor do either of us work part time to keep the site running. There are thousands of hours and dollars invested in all original software, web and database servers, and Internet hosting. If you believe either of us is getting rich at this, you are mistaken. In fact, we rely on our clients and contracted services to be able to afford hosting this site.

We rely on your suggestions and comments to improve the site. That's why there are suggestion boxes on many site pages, to make easy for you to contact us with with your ideas. We want to make you the owner of the site. We are extraordinarily proud of this site and want you to be too!

Todd and Bill

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