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i like a lot uniforms (specially
i like a lot uniforms (specially US BDU) i like older and fat men wearing uniforms. i like a lot roleplay in uniform. i'm versatile.. Do you like roleplay, or erotic wrestling??(only simulated)(no pain or scat) what do you like on sex?? Do you like to play in US BDU uniform(or coveralls too)and WW2 era uniforms or shirts sleeve with belt &/or braces and tie, with smart trousers??? if you wear a uniform or a shirts sleeve with tie belt &/or braces and smart trousers i like to Vanilla, kisses, hugs and fondling too. and lot of touching our bodies.. this is my fantasie:: (i love to be your sentinel) Do you like it?? what do you change on it?? A sentinel that is making his escort(turn around), and an intruder, attack him with a hold (the better headlock from behind), this action puts the sentinel on a confusion, and he cant demand help, because the intruder put his free hand (with a gloves) on the mouth of the sentinel. The sentinel cant move because the headlock are strong and the intruder, pullback a little his body, for this action the sentinel don't have verticality to make a movement.. After a few time, the sentinel feels that is loosing his force and he cant do anything (cant request help, and he cant move). At this moment the intruder down very very slowly his body and the sentinel is going down slowly. When the intruder feels that the sentinel is sitting for this movement and has loosed a lot of his force, the intruder try to move the sentinel to a place where nobody can see...But the intruder has a problem, he couldn't left the headlock,because the sentinel isnt knock out, and has to move carefully..When he was on a place that somebody couldnt see, the sentinel has loosed all of his force, left down the arm and hands of the sentinel. The intruder put his hand inside the pants of the sentinel, and touch his cock and play a little. And with the other hand put the face of the sentinel near his sweaty armpit to make that sentinel smell his sweaty armpits. After that make a side movement to taken down the sentinel with his face looking to the sky, and putting his body on side the sentinel, he is saying to the ear of the sentinel ('die you couldnt make anithing'). But at this moment the intruder softs a little his headlock, and say ('i need you alive, i need information, if you would like to live has to answer the questions'). He softs a little more his headlock, and left free the hand that is making a mouth gag, with this hand removes a handcloth that stay on his pocket and put on a mouth of the sentinel. after ensure that the sentinel couldnt request help, the intruder puts his body seated above the sentinel, the intruder advances the body, and the sentinel could not breath because the chest of the intruder stays on his face. The intruder takes the head of the sentinel with his hands, and pull firmly to his chest, the sentinel needs to breath and he cant (only could smell all sweaty armpit of the intruder)... the intruder at this time, seat more on the chest of the sentinel, and ask for information, after this, takes again the head of the sentinel with his hands an pull again, but this time, the sentinel found the cock of the intruder, the sentinel feels pleause but he cant breath again... suddenly the intruder makes a headscissors with his legs. at this point the intruder has his hands free to make that he want.. With a new scissors the intruder have controlled the sentinel. The intruder try to wrap with his boot legs around the sentinel body and squeeze him, maybe from behing where the sentinel feels the intruder boots digging into his balls. The sentinel dont have force to make anything, only could see what the intruder would wanna to do it with him... The intruder on this position grabs the cock of the sentinel and touching with care, the cock comes big and big...Suddenly the intruder strugle the cock and the sentinel moaning for this. The intruder left the scissors and put his body on the sentinels body, with his leg grabbing the legs of the sentinel. When the sentinel could not move and the intruder on him putting the hands of the sentinel down with his body on him, forcing the sentinel. The intruder face reaching sentinels face, and your mouth on my mouth.. The intruder stretching the sentinel out under the intruder with legs and boot locked together and grind his uniformed cock into sentinel until we both shoot our loads of cum....mmmmmmmm best regards clockterra.
CityState/Country My Distance
Palma de Mallorca  Spain  ES mi./ km.
Sexuality Gay sexual
Astrological sign Emotional and loving, Intuitive and imaginative, Shrewd and cautious, Protective and sympathetic
Changeable and moody, Overemotional and touchy, Clinging and unable to let go
Age 43
Height 5 ft/7 in - 5 ft/8 in (169-173 cm)
Weight 185 lbs, 84 kg, 13.2 stone
Primary interestFetish 
PhysiqueSmooth Athletic Build 
Sexually is<unspecified> 
Ethnic origin/raceWhite 
Age match18 to 255 years old
Safe sexAlways 
Is seekingSilver Daddy 
Languages <unspecified>
Last login More than 30 days ago
Last update 9 yrs
Date joined 14 yrs

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