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Towleroad Gay News
Sun Jun 13 09:07:34 2021 GMT

Senate Votes to Designate Pulse Nightclub a National Memorial; ‘Thank you … For Recognizing Our Hallowed Ground’
pulse nightclubThe site of Orlando, FL’s Pulse nightclub, the sight of the deadliest mass shooting of LGBTQ people in American history, will be designated as a national memorial after Congress passed the measure days ahead of the fifth anniversary of the shooting. The U.S. Senate voted unanimously Wednesday to pass the bill, co-sponsored by California Senator […]
Colorado Pride Flag Display Defaced Multiple Times; Confederate Flag Left at Scene
colorado prideA suburban Colorado Pride flag display commemorating LGBTQ Pride month has been replaced for a third time this week after multiple incidents of flags being stolen and, in one instance, a confederate flag being left in their place. Leadership in Denver suburb Louisville, CO in cooperation with local LGBTQ advocacy group Out Boulder County planted […]
Stonewall Inn Has Been Under Looming Landlord Ultimatum To Sign Long-Term Lease; ‘There is a need to preserve LGBTQ+ history’
stonewallA portion of the historic Stonewall Inn, commonly regarded as the birthplace of the modern LGBTQ rights movement, faces being put back on the commercial market thanks to increased pressure from landlords to sign a high-priced, long-term lease, according to exclusive reporting by the DailyBeast In a statement to The Daily Beast, the building’s owners, […]
Boston Pride President Resigns Amid Boycotts by LGBTQ Activists; Pride Parade Postponement in Question
boston prideMore than a year of increasingly contentious accusations of “racism” and “trans exclusion” against Boston Pride leadership by Local Queer BIPOC groups came to a head Wednesday when Boston Pride president Linda DeMarco said she would resign this summer. The announcement cast some doubt on whether the city’s Pride parade –already postponed to Fall from […]
Barack Obama Isn’t Worried About Gen Z’s Passion for Real Change, Just For His Daughters’ Safety Protesting
barack obama  Published by BANG Showbiz   Barack Obama has admitted he “always” worries about his daughters’ safety at protests and rallies. The former president of the United States – who has Malia, 22, and Sasha, 19, with his wife Michelle – praised his girls for their desire to make things “better” and opened up on […]
Barbie is Trash! Literally. New Doll Line is 90% Recycled Ocean Plastic; 100% Weird Launch Campaign: ‘The Future of Pink is Green’
barbie green  Published by BANG Showbiz   Mattel is set to launch the first Barbie dolls made from recycled plastic. The toy manufacturer has announced plans for its Barbie Loves the Ocean line, which will be Mattel’s first fashion doll line made from recycled ocean-bound plastic and has been launched in line with Mattel’s goal to […]
In Parts of Africa Gay Arrests, Inappropriate Probes, Detainment, Belief in ‘Demonic Spirit’, Murder Keep LGBTQ Lives At Risk
africa gayAfrica Gay Raids and Rising Violence Laws that criminalize LGBTQ identities landed two Cameroonian trans women in prison last month. An anti-LGBTQ rally in Senegal drew hundreds last month, with one speaker stating that Senegal “is homophobic and will remain so forever.” Even nations with better protections for LGBTQ populations like South Africa have dealt […]
10 Ways to Get Wet and Wild in Miami’s Wonderous Great Outdoors
If it’s getting tough to tell where the couch ends and you begin, the perfect cure for too much time on Zoom and too little Vitamin D is a therapeutic getaway to Miami. Already a world renowned destination for its signature blend of incredible cuisine, legendary events and unparalleled nightlife, the ultimate LGBTQ+ hotspot is […]
Meet Your New Summer Crushes: Seven Rosés to Fall In Love With from Laithwaites
roseRosé season is in full swing, and nothing complements your #HotGaySummer Instagram photo like a gorgeous, pink glass of rosé. No matter how good it looks in pictures, what matters is how it tastes. No one wants to be the guy who brings the bad rosé to brunch.   Choosing the right wine can be intimidating, […]
U.S. Supreme Court spurns challenge to male-only military draft sign-up
Military draft  Published by Reuters     WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear a challenge by a men’s rights group to the national requirement that men, but not women, register for the military draft at age 18 focusing on whether the policy violates the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee that laws apply […]
Pride Month Video Games Roundup: Queer Games Bundle; GaymerX; Queer Women of Esports; Xbox; Riot Games
pride month video gamesBoth independent and AAA game developers and LGBTQ gaming organizations are highlighting LGBTQ identities this month with Pride month video game deals, content and events. We’ve corralled the wide collection into a neat little rundown for those looking to make their games a little bit gayer. Pride Month Games Deals Queer Games Bundle 2021 Itch.io […]
Pentagon not to allow pride flags to be flown on installations
Pentagon  Published by Reuters   WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Pentagon said on Friday that it would not make an exception to allow U.S. military installations to fly rainbow pride flags in June, keeping a policy set by former President Donald Trump that limited the type of flags that could be flown on bases. Earlier this […]
‘Pose’ Delivers a Legendary Series Finale and Glorious Goodbye to Season 3 [RECAP]
While the last few episodes of Pose have indulged in a bit of over-the-top wish fulfillment, last night’s two-hour series finale placed the focus squarely back on reality. The result was a triumphant, defiant tribute to the entire queer community. The writers had an ambitious agenda of topics and historical markers to address — drug […]
For Pride, Split Valuable Allies from Corporate Pandering and ‘pinkwashing’ , Researcher Says. What Do You Think?
pinkwashingRising perceptions of Pinkwashing Consumers increasingly want companies to address society’s big problems, such as climate change and crumbling infrastructure. And polls suggest more than half say they want to buy from brands that take stands on social issues. At the same time, consumers are increasingly skeptical about these partnerships – such as corporate sponsorships […]
Marilyn Monroe’s cookbooks to be auctioned off for $75,000
  Published by BANG Showbiz   Two cookbooks owned by Marilyn Monroe are set to be auctioned off. The late actress – who died in 1962 – owned books entitled ‘The New Fanny Farmer Boston Cooking-School Cook Book’ and ‘The New Joy of Cooking’, and it has now been confirmed both tomes will be going […]
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