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Towleroad Gay News
Mon Mar 8 10:07:29 2021 GMT

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is Selling His Very First Tweet for $2.5 Million+
Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey is selling his first tweet in an online auction that has already reached $2.5 million. The tweet is being sold as a non-fungible token (NFT) — a crypto collectible of sorts that functions as a digital certificate of ownership. CNBC reports: “Ownership of these assets is recorded on a […]
Princeton Debate Society Votes to Strip Ted Cruz of Award for Trying to Overturn 2020 Election
cpac ted cruzThe nation’s oldest collegiate political and debate society has voted to revoke a prestigious award given to Sen. Ted Cruz following his efforts to overthrow the 2020 election. The Daily Princeton reports that Princeton’s American Whig-Cliosophic Society voted 37-32 to rescind the James Madison Award for Distinguished Public Service from Cruz, a school alumni. The […]
Georgia GOP Moves to Limit Weekend Voting, Ban Volunteers From Giving Out Water to Voters in Line
Georgia’s GOP-controlled legislature is taking extraordinary steps in an attempt to curtail voting access and prevent future election losses following the 2020 election. CNN reports the state House “passed a bill this week that includes several measures that restrict voting access, including a ban on automatic voter registration, a limit on Sunday early voting days […]
Playwright’s Hilarious Post about Statler and Waldorf’s Gay Muppet Love Goes Viral With Details Mirroring Real Life
Playwright Watches His Hilarious Post on Gay Muppet Love Statler and Waldorf Go Viral Unaware His Story Mirrored Events in Puppeteer's Life.
$1.9 Trillion COVID Stimulus Bill Passes Senate, Moves Back to House
The $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus bill passed in the Senate on a party-line vote on Saturday. The bill now goes back to the House of Representatives, where it’s expected to be approved next week and sent to President Biden’s desk for signature before federal unemployment benefits expire March 14. The New York Times reports the […]
Patty Murray Blasts GOP’s Anti-Trans COVID Bill Amendment: ‘For The Love of God Can’t We Just Have a Little Bit of Heart?’
During the COVID relief bill debate on Capitol Hill today, GOP senators tried and failed to tack on an anti-transgender amendment that would deny funding to schools that allow transgender girls to participate in an athletic program designated for girls. The amendment was introduced by Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) and co-sponsored by Sen. Lindsey Graham […]
Biden Fires Trump-Appointed Anti-LGBT EEOC Lawyer Who Refused to Resign
President Biden has fired Sharon Gustafson, the Trump-appointed general counsel of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission who focused much of her work on combating “religious discrimination” in the workplace. Bloomberg Law reports that the Biden Administration originally asked Gustafson to resign earlier this week but she refused. In a letter to Biden explaining her […]
On ‘Drag Race’ Snatch Game, RuPaul Is Always Right [RECAP and RANKINGS]
The gals of RuPaul’s Drag Race are still reeling from last week’s double shantay. But that’s not the only thing that has the queens shooketh. The bottom three last week (Tina, Kandy, Symone) were all part of the original group of lip sync winners. No longer are they some sort of untouchable, dominating force. It’s […]
2010 Top 25 Posts — Most Popular — Ricky, Chance, (and Chase), Hayes Out, Bobsled Bodies Mug-shot Edwards Paparazzi Gaga Situation
2010 Top 25 Posts Towleroad. Throw back to 2010 including Ricky Martin, Sean Hayes, homophobes across the country, early YouTube stars and things you will not believe
Colorado Gov. Jared Polis Engaged to Longtime Partner Marlon Reis
Colorado Governor Jared Polis has announced his engagement to longtime partner Marlon Reis. The Colorado Sun reports Polis popped the question late last year while Reis was battling a coronavirus infection. “It was the absolute perfect time,” Reis told the paper. “I said to him, ‘I couldn’t breathe before. Now I really can’t breathe.’” Polis […]
Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner Signs First-in-State Executive Order to Boost LGBT-Owned Businesses
On Thursday, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner signed an executive order aimed at expanding the city’s contracting with LGBT-owned businesses. “The signing of this executive order coincides with the five-year anniversary of the Greater Houston LGBT Chamber, and I am especially proud to celebrate these two historic milestones,” said Turner in a statement. “The City of […]
Rep. Eric Swalwell Sues Trump, Giuliani, Trump Jr, and Rep. Mo Brooks for Capitol Riot
Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) filed a civil lawsuit today against former President Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Rudy Giuliani, and Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) for their role in the January 6 attack on the Capitol. Said Swalwell in a statement: “Unable to accept defeat, Donald Trump waged an all out war on a peaceful transition […]
Biden’s LGBTQ advisor; Murmurations; Trump Litigation;Alex Jones Hates Trump Tape; Resign Cuomo; Myths, Myths; Yes: HOT LINKS
Myths. Myths.Yes. An Infodemic gets graphed. Biden LGBTQ advisor; Cuomo; Hot Links
House passes George Floyd Policing Act. Takes Aim at Qualified Immunity, Aggressive tactics
George Floyd Policing Act, passed yesterday, has moderate ambitious. In addition to a national registry of police misconduct
It’s Time: A Message from Andy Towle
Longtime readers and friends, we’ve come a great distance together. But after nearly 18 years scouring the web for LGBTQ news and bringing it to you on a daily basis, this has been my last week at Towleroad. It’s been a thrilling experience, and a lot of hard, rewarding work. Towleroad is one of the […]
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