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Email from Another Scammertoolz26-May-2019
Email from a Scammertoolz26-May-2019
Pros and Cons of Intergenerational Relationships<anonymous>22-Aug-2018
Stress on Intergenerational Relationships<anonymous>22-Aug-2018
Dad/son Roleplay<anonymous>21-Aug-2018
Dad/son Roleplay - Part 2<anonymous>21-Aug-2018
Glory Holesbuzzy07-Nov-2017
How to Detect Scammers<anonymous>22-May-2014
Our First Meeting<anonymous>15-May-2014
Feeling super frisky, got what I wanted<anonymous>20-Jan-2014
Marty and me<anonymous>08-Oct-2013
Richard and me<anonymous>08-Oct-2013
FIRSTS - A PUSSY'S STORYweb2lin12-Sep-2013
I Was Straight!<anonymous>21-Aug-2013
My FantisyJakcavar13-Aug-2013
Always Liked Playing with Butt<anonymous>13-Apr-2013
Got caught and fondled <anonymous>02-Jan-2013
Me my self and I <anonymous>22-Dec-2012
being counseled by my pastoreagerbottom02-Nov-2012
My Uncle and Cousin Doing Me<anonymous>29-Oct-2012
A Dad's Story<anonymous>14-Oct-2012
True Story<anonymous>29-Aug-2012
Mark's First Time<anonymous>11-Aug-2012
My first blowjob.<anonymous>13-Jul-2012
Me and My Brother<anonymous>30-Jun-2012
Summer of Strip Pokertrowe02-Oct-2011
Don and Andymspdaddy6929-Jul-2011
The Wrestling Matchdancerboy8710-May-2009

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